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Trichoderma Viride 1 % (2 X 106 cfu/gm. minimum)
(Mother culture:- Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore)
Talcum based formulation.

Trichoderma viride is an antagonistic fungal organism present in the soil and is highly effective for the control of seed and soil borne diseases of majority of economically important crops, especially pulses and oilseeds.

This biocontrol agent when applied along with seed, colonizes the seed and multiplies on the surface of the seed and kills not only the pathogens present on the surface of the seed but also gives protection against soil-borne pathogens until life time of crop by action of mycoparasitism and antibiosis.

Seed treatment with Trichoderma viride has registered higher germination in a number of studies and was at par Captan.

Its effective control of soil-borne diseases caused by Rhizoctonia solani, macrophomina phaseolina and Fusarium spp. makes it a very important weapon against diseases such as root rot, seedling diseases, charcoal rot, wilt, damping off, collar rot, etc..

The potential of Trichoderma viride in managing soil-borne pathogens has been demonstrated in many crop diseases like seedling disease of cotton (Ramakrishna and Jeyarajan, 1986; Aagarsamy et al., 1987a and b), root rot of soybean (Jharia and Khare – 1986), Root rot of Cowpea (Alagarasami Shivaprakasam. 1988), charcoal rot of sorghum (Sekhar and Analosur, 1986) and root rot of mung bean caused by Macrophomina phaseolina (Samiyyapan et al., 1987).

Trichoderma viridi
(Microscopic image)
Trichoderma viridi on agar plate
(TNAU culture)
Trichoderma dissolving wall of Pythium
Antagonistic to Sclerotium rolfsii
  Dosages & uses:  
4 kgs per hector preferably mixed with 25 kgs of FYM and broadcasted on soil.
Appearance & Packing
White to off-white fine powder packed in 100gms. and 500gms. LDPE bags.
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