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"Nicotine Sulphate 40%" - Nicotine based Botanical Insecticide

Nicotine Sulphate 40% acts upon the central nervous system of the insect. It has both contact as well as fumigation action.

It is very effective against a wide range of insect pests affecting fruits, flowers, vegetables, field crops as well as on Ectoparasites affecting livestock.

Nicotine Sulphate 40% is used to kill Aphids, thrips, Bugs, Worms, Leaf-hoppers and similar sucking insects. It is also effective against lice, mite and ticks which are a menace to livestock.

Special Features

Nicotine Sulphate being washable in water does not have any toxic remnant; hence it is a very safe pesticide
Nicotine Sulphate being an insecticide of plant origin does not pollute the environment
No immunity has ever been developed by any pest against this product during its ninety year continuous usage
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